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Mas Seren is a vineyard located in the foothills of the Cevennes on six hectares of land perched at an altitude of 300m, situated just above the village of Monoblet. The site is surrounded by natural beauty, with plants of the garrigue and oak trees protecting the vineyard.

The vines grow on undulating slopes with soil type varying from red sandstone, shale, to limestone flints.

The maturity of our vines varies from the youngest at 15 years old whilst the older vines are more than 50 years old. We grow a combination of white grape varieties (Vermentino, Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Viognier) and red wine varieties (Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah) in both young and old form.



We chose this vineyard because it has such varied soil type,an interesting climate and is a beautiful place.

The hot summer days that contrast with the cool mountain nights, slow the progression towards maturity of our grapes and give to their juice the typical and characteristic flavour of this unique land, flavour that we enhance through our work so that it finds expression in each of our vintages where the aromatic intensity, depth and sweetness are highlighted by a pleasant freshness.

Although the vineyard is on a single area, each section of ground has its own unique character of climate, soil and grape variety, and we adapt our vinification techniques to take this into account.

We plough in winter to aerate our soils and hoe throughout the spring to reduce weeds. On plots that require it, we control weeds with a mulching mower.

Grape yields are naturally light, from 25 to 30 hl / ha. We prune the vines to balance each strain and we rigorously remove buds to encourage a good distribution of grape bunches on the vines. Through this dual approach, we are able to reduce the risk of diseases with the help of the wind and by allowing air to circulate with ease around the foliage, so raindrops or condensation dry quickly.

Harvest dates are decided by tasting the different grape varieties every day until we are satisfied with their maturity. Generally harvesting our 6 hectares is spread over a month to follow the rhythm of each grape variety ... Hand-picked of course!


Etincelle Nomade - IGP CEVENNES

Three different wines of three different colours with one idea: to explore and reveal the true aromas of fresh fruit or spring flowers hidden in a grape and bring forth a wine that is crisp, rich and lively…


Etincelle nomade – white

70 % vermentino – 30 % viognier

Silver medal in the Competition of the 39th wine fair of Uzès, IGP Cévennes

An expressive nose with citrus notes, especially green lime but also yellow citrus fruit and aniseed. On the palate mango and pineapple add to this thirst quenching sensation combined with a light airy hint of minerals.


Etincelle nomade – rosé

90 % cinsault – 10 % syrah

Its soft-hued pink attire proclaims a rich nose with overtones of strawberry and raspberry on a note of vanilla. The palate opens up a fresh gooseberry acidity, lightly peppered for an overall buzz !


Etincelle nomade – red

60 % syrah – 40 % cinsault

Bronze medal in the Competition of wines from Gard 2014

A magnificent wine of tasty red fruit. Hints of caramel and spice on the nose give way to a fresh bite on the palate. Can be drunk chilled if desired.


The above series is available for year 2014

Public price €8

(Professional prices on demand)


Serving suggestions :

A series of wines to share with friends, they drink well as aperitif, together with either sweet or savoury tarts, with grilled meats and mixed salads.

Wines which blend well with fish (salmon rillette, red snapper with olive paste, tuna sashimi…) and with white meats (rabbit, chicken roasted or with a sauce, veal escalope in tomato sauce…) as well as accompanying grilled or stuffed vegetables…




80% roussane - 20% grenache blanc


A lightly oaked wine elaborated in fine lees for six months

A nose of soft yellow fruit (peach and Mirabelle plum) embellished with light smoky seasoning and tropical fruit flavours.

Characterised by its full palate, silky with menthol notes and a touch of caramel on the finish, this is a refined and elegant white wine.

Best chilled

Can be kept up to 3 years

Available for years 2013

Public price €13

(Professional prices on demand)


Serving suggestions:

Etamin is a delicious partner for an aperitif served with fine charcuterie, goats’ cheeses and crunchy vegetables…

It drinks well with meals based on white meats such as blanquette of veal, chicken in a creamy sauce,veal roasted with mushrooms, rabbit in a tasty sauce…

Creamy desserts based on fromage frais enhance its silky smoothness, as do desserts based on pears, plums or grapes…

Drinking Etamin with sweet chestnuts cooked either in a sweet or savoury dish will stimulate your tastebuds to a new level of aromatic delight that we can only leave you to discover for yourself….




50 % cinsault – 50 % grenache

Selected and 2 stars by the Guide Hachette 2015
Selected by the Bettane & Desseauve guide 2014

Bronze medal in the Competition of the 39th wine fair of Uzès, IGP Cévennes

Silver medal in the Competition of independant wine makers 2013


Well ripened fruit gives a full bodied wine that melts in the mouth with a tasty bouquet.

A seductive red wine full of delicate flavour…

A wine full of subtle surprise whether it be its spicy notes, its corpulent body or its Cevenol freshness.

This wine drinks best at 13°-16° depending on the season and one’s palate.

It keeps well for 3-5 years

Available for years 2013

Public price €13

(Professional prices on demand)


Serving suggestions :

A wine which matches perfectly sweet and savoury cusine, or spicy dishes (tajine, curry, pork with pineapples, prawns in coconut milk, rabbit and prunes…)

A succulent wine which is an excellent accompaniment for beef tartare, shoulder or leg of lamb, veal with chanterelle mushrooms, osso buco or rabbit with sage sauce…

As for desserts, it drinks well with fruit, either fresh or cooked.

Lilith can also be enjoyed as a warming aperitif by a cosy fire…




75 % syrah – 25 % grenache

Silver medal in the Competition of independant wine makers 2014

Gold medal in the Competition of wines from Gard 2014

Silver medal in the Competition of independant wine makers 2013


A powerful red wine where the fruit is fully crystallised and the spices exhale. It has a concentrated palate with dense tannins that open up and blend harmoniously due to the wine’s slow and lengthy elaboration. Yet even so, like a gift from the Cévennes, there is a surprising fresh light touch on the finish.

To be drunk between 16° - 18°

Keeps well for 10 years

Available for year 2012

Public price 18€

(Professional price on demand)


Serving suggestions :

Obviously an ideal wine for beef or duck, whether roasted, grilled or served with a sauce. Enhances a lightly fried foie gras, a lamb stew, venison or even dishes based on offal such as kidneys, sweetbreads or veal liver in a sage and wine sauce…

A wine which drinks perfectly with cheese dishes such as raclette, fondue, tartiflette or any good quality cheeseboard.

Your tastebuds will sing on a new note drinking this wine with a strong chocolate or coffee flavoured dessert, or by accompanying it by macaroons or preserved candied fruits…

Vue sur les Jumelles